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Ice Sports Facilities

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Ice & Facility Bookings

We believe in what we are doing, but we realise that The Ice Sports Centre is also a perfect solution for other training models. If you want to use The Ice Sports Centre with your team and your coaches, contact us and we can make it happen. Use the synthetic ice, shooting lanes, or studio ice rink individually or all together. Throw in the conference room for film study and you have a complete team resource solution. Let us know how we can help.

Studio Ice Rink

Designed to support and enhance training which helps develop the athlete’s skills to become better skaters and stronger players.  The ice pad is conducive to close skater-coach proximity which allows coaches to be closer to you and your development.


Synthetic Ice

Skating on Synthetic ice requires about 10% more effort than skating on real ice.  When an athlete is training on the synthetic ice they adapt to using extra energy required for power, technique, and movement, this helps you to become a stronger skater.  Once individuals develop the strength on the synthetic ice they can move as if they are on the real ice.  This surface can be used by figure skaters and hockey players for all types of training.  It is just like skating on ice, except there is about 30% more resistance.

Our synthetic ice is the perfect alternative to complement the studio ice rink. Our Glice surface is made with the best material in the business giving you a second to none real ice feel.

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Fitness Room         

Plyometrics — also known as jump training — is a training technique designed to increase muscular power and explosiveness. The movement you perform in training should match, as close to the movements encountered during competition. Plyometric exercises mimicking the motions used in sports such as hockey, figure skating, plyometric training is often used to condition professional and amateur athletes.

Our fitness room is equipped with jump boxes, agility hurdles, ladders, medicine balls, and balance boards. We also cater to the graceful aspects of fitness, dance, and yoga. This is just some of the options available.


Meeting Room/Conference Room

A space to hold meetings weekly, monthly or one-off. For your comfort and enjoyment, our meeting room amenities and services listed below are available to you if you decide to host your meeting with us.

  • Fresh fruit bowl
  • Bottled water and hot drinks
  • LCD projector
  • Projector screen
  • Stationery including pencils, highlighters, and notepads
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Air conditioning
  • Flat-screen television
  • CD/DVD player

Coming Soon! 

Skating Treadmill

A Treadmill is a tool that allows us to identify, isolate, correct and repeat areas of concern in a controlled environment which accelerates muscle memory and facilitates improvement in fundamentals. Most treadmills have been designed to assist skaters in developing a solid foundation by improving stride mechanics, strength, balance, neuromuscular coordination, mobility, agility and muscle memory to maximize overall athletic and game potential.

It is important to note that nothing will replace specific on-ice training, however, the skating treadmill offers skaters an excellent opportunity to get multiple repetitions of skating, through specific skill in a controlled and focused environment.

Some of the benefits include:

  • Stride mechanics isolation and training
  • Immediate feedback/analysis (mirrors for visual learning)
  • Inside/outside edge work
  • Improve body balance
  • Improve glide platform
  • Dynamic sprint speed improvement
  • Improve leg and core strength
  • Master crossovers and explosive starts
  • Free designated car parking on site
  • Secure door entry into the facility
  • Fully accessible changing rooms and washrooms for everyone
  • Refreshments available to purchase
  • Ground floor Disabled access